FTP Login Instructions


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Many internet browsers have limited to no FTP functionality, including Internet Explorer.  To access the Premiere Networks FTP site we recommend using an actual FTP Client program (e.g. Cute FTP, File Zilla, WS_FTP), or, Windows Explorer (aka. “My Computer”, “File Explorer”, “My Network Places”). 

To use Windows Explorer please follow the instructions below.


1.    Open Windows Explorer by double-clicking on “My Computer”, “My Documents”, or “My Network Places”.

You can also open Windows Explorer by clicking Start>Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer.


2.    Now type in in the address bar.
In place of “username” please type the actual User name that was provided for your specific use.

(If you cannot see the Address Bar in Windows Explorer, then in the Menu Bar select View > Toolbars > Address Bar)

3.    A login window will pop-up.  Type in the User name and Password you were given and click Log On. (At this point you should be able to see all the shows offered on the FTP site.)

(Do not check Log on anonymously or Save Password.)

4.    Locate the folder that corresponds to the show you wish to download. Right click on the folder and select Open or Double-click on the folder to open it.  (If you cannot access the folder you are trying to open go to Endnote[i]).


5.    Highlight the folder/files that you want to download.  Then right-click the folder/files and select copy to folder.


6.     Select the folder on your computer where you wish to download to, Click OK.


7.    You have just downloaded your file/s and can close all windows.




If you have any questions please email



[i] Your computer may have skipped the Log On As (step 4) window.  This means that someone has accessed the Premiere FTP site in the past and saved the previous login.  If you are unable to access the correct folder/files you will need to change the Log On User name and Password.  To do this select File>Login As…  (This will prompt a new Log On As window, go back to Step 4)